McLarty Daniel Wants You to Make a Difference This Earth Day!

April 19th, 2021 by


The 2021 all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E


With Earth Day coming up on April 22,  the McLarty Daniel Automotive Group has come together to share some simple steps that you as an everyday driver can take to ensure your vehicle is as green as possible!


Routine Maintenance

Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance helps your vehicle perform its best, when your vehicle is running at its peak you use less gas which in return means less pollution. One other plus to keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is that it could save you from running into a problem later on that might not be so easy to fix. Some examples of routine maintenance include but are not limited to getting your oil changed regularly, replacing your cabin and your engine’s air filter which are responsible for supplying air to your engine. to ensure that a steady stream of clean air is delivered to the engine. When changing the air filter. Of course, every vehicle is different so you should always check your owner’s manual for a complete list of maintenance that is considered routine. If your vehicle is overdue for service you can always bring it into one of our six service departments and we’ll get you taken care of.



Check your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure

As drivers, we often forget to check our tire pressure until our car gives us a warning that a tire might below. However, there is evidence that suggests using a pressure gauge to check tire pressure regularly can be very beneficial to not only your vehicle but also to the environment. We know that underinflated tires can lead to uneven wear and poor fuel economy, while overinflated tires can reduce the performance of your vehicle. In conclusion, the proper tire pressure not only ensures your vehicle will be performing at its peak, but it also can reduce fuel usage and waste of rubber when it comes to tires.

Monitor your A/C Usage

After your engine, your vehicle’s air conditioning system uses perhaps the most fuel to run. A simple way to combat this is to roll down your windows or even open your sunroof and let the outside air fill your car instead of using the air conditioning. Now, this may not always be possible due to some extreme weather elements, but it’s a good way to save fuel. One other way that you can cut back on the fuel that your air conditioning system uses is by parking your car and a smart location. If it’s hot and sunny out, try to park your car in the shade so that when you get back in, your air conditioning isn’t working as hard to cool down your vehicle.

Car Pool

When at all possible try to coordinate a carpool. Consolidating space and sharing a ride will allow you to be able to leave your car at home, which ultimately allows for a significantly less amount of vehicles on the road, which in return decreases carbon emissions, but it might even make your commute quicker if enough people carpool since there are fewer vehicles on the road.

Keep Only Essentials In Your Vehicle

Another easy way to reduce your emissions and save fuel could be to remove any excess weight from your car. Only keeping the essential items in your vehicle could allow for a boost in MPG. In the beginning, you may not see that big of a difference but hang on to your receipts, take notes and in a few fill-ups, you’ll see that you’re going farther in between fuelings and saving a little bit of money- while ultimately helping out the environment.

Rethink the way you fill-up

Whether you believe it or not, the way that you put fuel in your car does matter. Most gas pumps automatically click off when the tank is full, but continuing to fill the tank can be very damaging to something most modern cars have — an emissions canister. The purpose of an emissions canister is to take harmful vapors that are produced within your fuel tank and stop them from getting into the atmosphere. When you continue to fill up your car over the suggested click-off level you are inhibiting the emissions canister from doing its job. This ultimately allows harmful vapors to then enter our environment.

Hopefully, we’ve shown you that just because you drive a fuel-powered vehicle doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference within our environment. Every little thing that you do can end up having a huge impact on our environment. However, if you are looking for a vehicle that is a little bit more green, here at McLarty Daniel, we have plenty to pick from!




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