Our Top Winter Car Hacks

Winter is soon returning, bringing with it frigid nights and cool days. Wintertime means it’s time to bring jackets out of the closet, but it also means it’s time to fight the never-ending struggle between the cold and your car. We’ve tested a few wintertime automobile tricks over the years that genuinely work, and we’ve compiled them here for you. Try a few of these and see if your results are similar to ours!

1. Use Shaving Cream on the Windshield and Exterior Mirrors: Nothing is more aggravating than having your windshield and mirrors fog up when it’s damp and cold outside like it often is during Arkansas winters. But you can aid your heater by using the same approach your father did to keep his shaving mirror from fogging up. Apply a tiny layer of cheap shaving cream to them, then wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Shaving cream, which contains some of the same components as much more expensive defogging compounds, wipes away clean and streak-free and will keep your windows and mirrors foggy for up to a month.

2. Wrap the Side Mirrors of Your Car in Plastic Bags: Many of us do not have a heated garage, or any garage, which will result in frost or ice on your windows and mirrors in the winter. We’ve got a few recommendations for you for the windows, so keep reading. For the mirrors though, a nice trick is to put two plastic shopping bags over them and lock them with a rubber band when there’s frost or ice in the forecast. When you’re ready to drive, simply remove the bags and you’ll have clean, ice-free mirrors.

3. Shield Your Windshield if Winter Precipitation is Forecasted: We get a lot of snow and ice in Northwest Arkansas throughout the winter, and nothing is more annoying than getting out of the house on a cold, snowy morning knowing you’ll have to use a scraper or scoop to uncover your windshield before you can drive away. However, an ounce of prevention, in the form of an old rug or two over the windshield whenever winter weather is expected, can be remedied. When the snow or ice falls, simply remove the rugs the next morning for a clear windshield without any scraping or shoveling.

4) Keep an Extra Key on Hand: Nobody wants to sit in a frigid car on a cool morning, waiting for it to warm up or defrost the windshield, but you may be wisely hesitant to leave your very costly vehicle running in the driveway to warm up while you stay toasty inside the house. Criminals are cunning suckers, and auto thefts on cold days are on the rise. Resolve this issue by keeping a spare car key on hand. On a frigid morning, you can go out, start your car, blast the defroster, and then lock your running car with the spare key before retiring into the house to warm up.

5) Park Your Automobile Facing East: Many individuals have no choice but to park their car outside, but if you do, attempt to park with the grille facing east. This isn’t some strange ritual; it’s just simple sense: when the sun rises, it’ll touch your windshield first, and even a tiny bit of warmth will help you scrape away frost, frozen slush, or ice.

6) Make Your Own De-icing Fluid: Trying to de-ice your windshield on a frigid morning is a chore that no one enjoys, but here’s a tip that can take the most of the labor out of it. A bottle of de-icing fluid can be made with only two inexpensive ingredients: one part water and part clear isopropyl alcohol or high-proof vodka. Fill a spray bottle halfway with both contents and store it in a warm place. When it’s time to scrape, simply shake the bottle vigorously and spray the windshield with the liquid. The semi-frozen slush can then be scraped away with much less effort.

You can own winter and make your winter driving excursions easier, safer, and more pleasant by following these guidelines. And if you’re looking for a new or used automobile with a superb heater – or even heated seats! – come in today to any of our six McLarty Daniel dealerships serving the areas near Centerton, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Pea Ridge, Springdale, and Rogers, Arkansas. Our prices are exceptional and our service will turn you into a lifelong customer!