Three Vehicle Safety Tips for This Winter

December 24th, 2021 by

It’s time to start getting your car ready for the winter months now that winter is here! It’s always a good idea to plan and double-check for a few items every year, not only to ensure your safety when driving in the fall and winter but also to have on hand in the event of an emergency. 

If you reside in an area that sees a lot of snowfall and regularly find yourself on the road during snowstorms, this is a must-have. Even if you never need it, keeping a compact emergency kit in your car is a smart idea. When packing, don’t forget to include some nonperishable food (like granola bars) as well as blankets, warm clothing (hats, gloves, socks), first aid supplies, and tools for your car, such as jumper cables or an ice-scraper. Put it all in a box and store it in your trunk or backseat; you’ll be glad you did if you ever need it. 

Everyone has been guilty of putting off things like getting their automobile serviced because of the craziness of life. However, now is the best time to get it done, as colder weather can worsen existing problems or cause new ones to develop. Routine maintenance includes checking your wiper blades, fluid levels, and all of the other parts of your vehicle that are inspected. You must be mindful of the condition of your tires at all times. Cold and slippery circumstances can pose a significant risk if the tread wears out or the tire pressure is low. Take care of your vehicle now, rather than waiting until there’s an emergency. 

It’s an excellent time of year to brush up on your knowledge of autumn and winter driving techniques that you may have forgotten from your driver’s education course. Leaf piles, for example, can provide a tripping danger when wet, and children and dogs are known to hide in them, so avoid driving over them. Also, don’t park over them since they might catch fire. Increase your stopping distance in case of icy conditions, especially now that winter is in full swing. The next time it snows, try venturing out to an empty parking lot to get some practice driving in snowy conditions!

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